We're happy to see California step up and make new handguns sold in the state safer! http://t.co/VB0RRx2SN1
Another tragic weekend in Chicago, that once again illustrates the need for commonsense regulations across the board. http://t.co/lvR2Cq6D7x
Join Sandy and Lonnie as they say #NotOneMore! Text Not One More to 877-877! http://t.co/HpBdqe7DmR
It is disgusting that the corporate gun lobby thinks keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers is a bad thing http://t.co/uRLUU2sRSC
We are honored to work with @MamaRedfield and @PapaRedfield every day. They are inspirations to us all. http://t.co/5lFW7lIbeE
Great look at gun violence in the US from @RawStory --Can anything slow down America’s epidemic of gun violence? http://t.co/gL7xkGdlx3
Us too! RT @CSGV: .@bradybuzz: We look forward to the day where #Congress does the right thing and protects its citizens
We love @Evolve_Us's ad and how it has sparked a conversation on gun safety! #ASKingSavesKids http://t.co/e3nKCaBB6P
We think @RepThomasMassie should focus on the gun violence in his own state and not try to block DC's gun safety laws http://t.co/FMOT2GRi8z
We're in Detroit for Netroots Nation! Let us know if you're here too! #nn14 http://t.co/zejAa5QWPO
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