Meet the doctor who has given over $1 million of his own money to fund gun violence research!
We think the new law allowing Georgians to carry guns in bars in the name of safety is downright preposterous.
Read about our rally yesterday in Colorado encouraging Congress to #FinishTheJob!
Great rally in Denver with our advocates encouraging elected officials to #FinishTheJob!
A victory today as a pawnshop that sold the gun used ins cop killing agrees to report more on sales.
This bill, which is about to be signed into law in Georgia today is troubling on so many levels.
A terrible tragedy that should have been avoided. Please #ASK if there is an unlocked gun where your child plays.
Retired SCOTUS Justice Stevens agrees we need Congress to #FinishTheJob on background checks for ALL gun sales!
RT @_VRGL: First day of summer, June 21 is #NationalASKDay by @CPYVorg. Ask friends, neighbors, other parents - "Is there a gun where my...
The suspect in the Kansas City shootings likely acquired his guns through a straw buyer.
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    15 years after Columbine our work isn't finished

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    They come with being a parent but one could save your child's life.



    Reducing gun violence through legal action


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    Blocked: 2.1 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers, but there is more to do

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