Absolutely tragic. Unlocked guns should NOT be in the reach of children. http://t.co/wpT8VuaRSQ
Guns should NOT be a worry kindergartners have and it is heartbreaking that it is for some. http://t.co/eIMHWZVxja
So many of you have called, clicked, and shared! LET'S KEEP IT UP AND LET THESE SENATORS KNOW WE AREN'T GOING AWAY! http://t.co/USGTyAHZ7L
Sen. @marcorubio voted NO on background checks a year ago. Mark his #SHAMEaversary by calling him NOW and ask why! http://t.co/PM8xbe2yXW
Sen @robportman voted AGAINST the will of 90% of Americans a year ago today. CALL and tell him you haven't forgotten! http://t.co/ynOfEp8cop
A year ago TODAY @SenDeanHeller voted NO on background checks. This #SHAMEaversary CALL and say you haven't forgotten http://t.co/MeDRw5EvX3
A year ago 46 Senators voted AGAINST background checks. Mark their #SHAMEaversary by calling the following offices! http://t.co/WsbcoqjGu2
Great piece illustrating the hypocrisy of US gun laws. #FinishTheJob http://t.co/2KEnE7VfeD
We are excited by @MikeBloomberg's announcement today and applaud him for his ongoing efforts to end gun violence! http://t.co/yoIu3dSqek
  • Daniel's Story

    15 years after columbine our work isn't finished

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    They come with being a parent but one could save your child's life.



    Reducing gun violence through legal action


  • Background Checks

    Blocked: 2.1 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers, but there is more to do

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