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March to the Midterms

Before you show up at the polls for the midterm elections arm yourself with knowledge and familiarize yourself with Brady's Three-Point Plan.

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Currently, bump stocks and similar accessories are completely unregulated by the federal government. BUT the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is seeking public comment about whether or not bump stocks and similar devices should qualify as “machine guns” and therefore be regulated under the National Firearms Act.

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"A Year Like No Other"

NRA promotes extremist agenda through fear and fanaticism

As the NRA begins its 2018 convention, a new report from the Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence details what the NRA has done in the last year, juxtaposed against shockingly frequent shooting incidents. As the report shows, the NRA's extremism, knee-jerk opposition to life-saving gun reforms, and newly-revealed Russian connections are costing it clout and credibility after an agonizing year of deadly shooting rampages.

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RT : I'm proud to have the support of in our fight to flip ! Republicans and the gun lobby have blocked…
RT : DYK? 82% of teen firearm suicides and 75% of school shootings use a gun from the home. ASK about safe storage.
RT : I’ve pledged to ask to help keep myself, my friends and my family safe. Will you pledge to ask? “Do you have a gun…
RT : If there are unsecured guns in a home, you can’t assume your child won’t find them. So if your child is going to a…
DYK? 82% of teen firearm suicides and 75% of school shootings use a gun from the home. ASK about safe storage.…
RT : Today is ASK day. A reminder on the first day of summer to have the hard conversations about guns in the home and s…
Research confirms it- safe storage is the way to protect our kids! 📣
RT : Since Columbine, over 210,000 students have experienced a shooting on campus–and 85% of the firearms used in these…
New research shows 4.6 million kids live in a home w/ a loaded & unlocked gun. ASK: Is there an unlocked gun where…

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On February 14, my life changed forever. I was in Room 1214 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School studying Holocaust History when bullets started flying.

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Thirty-seven years ago White House Press Secretary Jim Brady was shot in the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan. Jim lived with constant pain and physical challenges for 33 years before that bullet to his head ultimately took his life in 2014.

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As schools let out across the country on the first day of summer, parents are taking steps to keep their children safer from unintentional gun violence. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence joined with child safety and public health organizations nationwide today to promote ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Day, a campaign encouraging parents to ASK if there is an unlocked gun in the homes where their children play.
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Early this morning, yet another community was rocked by the news of a shooting that left 20 injured at an all-night arts festival in Trenton, NJ. While details are still coming in, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence issued a statement expressing outrage at yet another mass shooting in America.

Our Goal is to Cut Gun Deaths in Half by 2025

Here's How:

Holding elected officials accountable, making this the safer nation we all want

Of the 35,000 people who die from gun violence in this country each year, how many could be saved?