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Our Goal is to Cut Gun Deaths in Half by 2025

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Holding elected officials accountable, making this the safer nation we all want

Of the 33,000 people who die from gun violence in this country each year, how many could be saved?

  • Shooting Costs - GOP Healthcare plan would shift costs to taxpayers and gun violence victims

    Brady Healthcare Report

    Surviving a gunshot wound should not leave you uninsured or bankrupt

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    Armed with Facts

    Check out myths used by the corporate gun industry, and learn how to combat them with facts.

  • Landmark Decision

    A federal appeals court struck down an NRA-backed Florida law that prevented doctors from talking to their patients about the risks of guns.

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Next week WA will become the 1st state to let victims of domestic violence know when their abuser tries to buy a gun
Congrats to Mass. for approving a budget that will allow for an analysis of crime-gun trace data! -->
RT : Self-defense gun use is extremely rare. Fight gun industry propaganda with facts. Read VPC’s report:…
States with weak gun laws make it easier for guns to get into dangerous hands nationwide. We need to stop the Iron…
4 ppl have been charged w/ conspiring to illegally sell guns in NJ that were bought in GA. >40 weapons were seized–
As the anniversary of theAurora shooting nears, parents of one victim return to the theater to celebrate their son
RT : The man who fatally shot a Bronx police officer was in the grip of psychosis, but mental health care was elusive.
A 12yr old Mississippi boy was killed in an accidental shooting when multiple kids were playing with a gun.
A high school football player from Kentucky, who lost a sibling to gun violence, was shot & killed over the wknd–>…
Friends & relatives of a woman who was mysteriously shot & killed by Minneapolis police are demanding answers–…

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An Oregon trial court ruled that a lawsuit can proceed against a gun store and an online gun dealer for their role in selling guns used in a crime spree, in a case that is the first of its kind in Oregon. Multnomah County Circuit Judge Michael Greenlick denied the gun sellers’ motions to dismiss a case brought by the family of Kirsten Englund, who was killed in 2013 with one of the guns. The judge ruled that a federal gun industry protection law – the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act – does not prohibit the Englunds’ case. The lawsuit now proceeds to discovery.