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America's gun violence epidemic is a public health crisis. Health professionals take care of patients suffering from gun shot wounds every single day. They are front and center in caring for the critically injured. Sign our petition to join this movement and ensure that the House of Representatives takes action within their first 100 days in session.

Help Ban Assault Weapons. Help Save Lives.

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Weapons of war have no place on American streets. Support Brady and help us enact common sense gun laws such as restricting access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

We Need to Honor With Action

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The public health epidemic of gun violence has lead state legislators to pass nearly 70 gun violence prevention mea…
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"There’s a new majority in the House of Representatives, and we will pass gun violence prevention legislation that…
Brady believes background checks on all gun sales are critical to prevent gun violence and with a new gun safety ma…
Today marks the 6th anniversary of the school shooting. Honor the victims and survivors by committing to…
Assault weapons have been accountable for many tragic shootings such as Sandy Hook, Orlando, and Las Vegas. These d…
School security is important, but wouldn’t be necessary if weak gun laws didn’t allow weapons to fall into dangerou…
There have been over 300 mass shootings in 2018 so far and the American people have said . That is why they’…
“Easy access to a firearm can in itself exponentially increase the risk of self-harm.” Suicide accounts for nearly…
Interested in supporting efforts to prevent gun violence? Considering gifting ’s shade this…

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Honor with action. It’s a term we use a great deal in the world of gun violence prevention because it really is why we do what we do. We can’t bring back the thousands of lives lost, but we can work like hell to make sure it stops happening.

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Ah...the holiday season! Our thoughts turn to celebration with family, the anticipation (or dread!) of snow, cheesy holiday movies and counting our blessings. It’s also the time of year which many of us set aside for charitable giving.

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This Friday, November 30th marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of President Clinton signing the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act into law. This historic law -- the Brady Law -- has prevented more than 3 million gun sales to domestic abusers, felons, fugitives and other dangerous people for whom it is illegal to purchase or possess guns. Over 300 million Brady background checks were processed from 1994 through 2018, and countless lives have been saved as a result.
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A little over one year after the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, survivors and victims’ families continue to wait on the Trump Administration to announce a final ruling banning bump stocks and similar accessories, the device used by the Las Vegas shooter to effectively turn his semi-automatic rifles into automatic ones.

35,000 people die from gun violence in this country each year.
We can change that.

Here's How:

Brady background checks need to extend to all gun purchases.

Brady demands gun manufacturers and sellers are held accountable.

Sensible solutions to end gun violence.