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March to the Midterms

The midterm elections are critical this year. Arm yourself with knowledge!

Beyond Bullet Wounds: Guns in the Hands of Domestic Abusers

Beyond Bullet Wounds:

Guns in the Hands of Domestic Abusers

In a country where 1 out of every 3 women and 1 out of every 4 men are victims of physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner in their lifetime,2 the issue of domestic violence cuts across racial, gender, economic, sexuality, age, and religious divides. In this report, we explore how the presence of a gun makes domestic violence even worse.

End Family Fire

8 kids a day are unintentionally shot or injured.
Let's end family fire!

Andrew and Nick Wiegardt with their mother Kristen Englund at Christmas 2012

Brady & Cohen Milstein Announce Landmark Settlement

In April 2013, Kirsten Englund was shot and killed by a man with a mental health problem whose mother had illegally purchased two guns on his behalf. Today, Kirsten’s family is announcing a landmark settlement in their lawsuit against J&G Sales, a national online gun dealer, and World Pawn Exchange, a firearms dealer in Oregon.

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Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people between 10 and 34, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But mental health and suicide are not just issues impacting younger demographics — it’s affecting all of America.

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Today, Officer Kurt Stokinger and his wife, Janella, filed suit against the online gun sales website Armslist, Grant Headley, and Sarah Johnson in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Officer Stokinger was shot in January 2016 by Headley, a prohibited purchaser who had bought the gun from Johnson, a gun runner who was illegally selling guns purchased from Armslist.
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As the midterm elections draw closer, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence released its final, bipartisan set of Congressional and state-level endorsements. Today’s announcement of 17 endorsements brings Brady’s list of gun safety champions to over 100 across the country.

35,000 people die from gun violence in this country each year.
We can change that.

Here's How:

Brady background checks need to extend to all gun purchases.

Brady demands gun manufacturers and sellers are held accountable.

Sensible solutions to end gun violence.