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March to the Midterms

The midterm elections are critical this year. Arm yourself with knowledge!

Parkland Survivor Aalayah Eastmond Testifys Before the Senate

My name is Aalayah Eastmond, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. I work across the country to help amplify the voices of young people and particularly young people in communities of color whose day-to-day experience with gun violence is ALWAYS ignored, mischaracterized, marginalized, and minimized by the press, the public, and the corporate gun lobby.

End Family Fire

8 kids a day are unintentionally shot or injured.
Let's end family fire!

The United States has more than 9 times the global average of suicide by firearm

The Truth About Suicide & Guns

Guns make up the highest percentage of fatal suicide attempts. Why is that? Because the act of suicide is frequently an impulsive one and guns are a staggeringly lethal means.

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Join in THIS Friday for a free event to raise awareness and help the community heal from gu…
“Just one year ago, it was unthinkable that shareholders would demand that gun manufacturers examine their own role…
Shareholders of Smith & Wesson have voted in favor of a resolution calling on the company to issue a report about w…
Update: Cody Wilson has resigned as CEO of Defense Distributed in the wake of recent sexual assault charges -->
To mark the anniversary of , let's do more than send thoughts and prayers. Take action. Knock on doors for…
We and in their honor. Thank you to all who have spoken out.
Next week marks the tragic anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting. The city and survivors are still healing. ->…
Could Maryland's extreme risk law have stopped the state's recent mass shooting if the law had already been impleme…
Cody Wilson has been arrested in Taiwan:

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Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people between 10 and 34, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But mental health and suicide are not just issues impacting younger demographics — it’s affecting all of America.

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Today, embattled crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson announced that he will step down, effective immediately, as CEO of Defense Distributed. This follows his recent arrest and deportation on charges of sexually assaulting a minor. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which has been a leading voice in the fight against Wilson’s publication of blueprints for 3D-printed guns, made clear that the organization’s efforts will continue despite today’s announcement.
In the news
Today, shareholders of American Outdoor Brands, the owners of Smith & Wesson, voted in favor of a resolution calling on the company’s Board of Directors to issue a report about what the company is doing regarding gun safety and reducing gun violence. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence applauded the important action and praised the action of gun safety advocates to bring forth the resolution -- the second of its kind ever passed by shareholders of a gun company.

35,000 people die from gun violence in this country each year.
We can change that.

Here's How:

Brady background checks need to extend to all gun purchases.

Brady demands gun manufacturers and sellers are held accountable.

Sensible solutions to end gun violence.